About us

We are two sisters who share a passion for travel and organization. We live on opposite sides of the world which means that we don’t always get to see each other. When we do, we always make sure to make the most out of our life and our time together. One way we do this is by travelling. Travelling is rewarding, but the headache of packing can sometimes take away from the experience.

Our philosophy – Spend time travelling not packing! We believe in travelling more and worrying less and our company is built on this belief. We started NeatPack to offer affordable, quality products to help travelers stay organized on their trips and to reduce the stress of packing. Our mission is to provide a brand that offers a range of high quality affordable travel solutions.

We are constantly developing innovative solutions to enhance your travel experience by making packing as simple as possible.  We are excited to offer great value products to help travelers all over the world!  

Let us take care of keeping you organized so that you can focus on what’s important!

We would love to hear from you!  

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