For delivery within the USA : USPS Flat Rate will be used to ship anywhere within the USA. USPS tracking number will be provided once item is shipped.
For delivery outside of of USA: USPS First Class will be used. Shipping cost varies depending on your country region. USPS First Class is the most economical shipping option for international delivery, however no tracking number will be provided.

Calculating your shipping rate

In order to get an estimate of shipping cost, we recommend that you place a mock order to get an idea of pricing figure.
You need not make any purchase to do so.

You can generate your own price quote by adding the items you are considering for purchase to your shopping cart. If this is your first time using the Sunartec shopify checkout, you may be asked to create a Sunartec shopify account, add a shipping and billing address and enter basic payment information (like a valid credit card #) in order to proceed on to the page with the shipping estimates. Rest assured that you will not be charged unless you proceed all the way through to the completion of your order (and the Order Confirmation page).

Once you have entered the requested information needed to provide the estimate, the various available shipping options and relative pricing will be displayed. This page will also reflect an overall price for the order, including product, tax (if applicable) and shipping.

**The cart does not reflect customs duties for internationally bound packages ordered through the Sunartec shopify site. For more information on import taxes, please contact your local customs office.